Roof repairs and restoration for concrete tiles and what you need to know

The Facts about Terracotta Tiles

They have a very long life, much longer than concrete tiles. The higher quality the better.
Orange coloured unglazed terracotta has a low temperature firing during manufacturing and will not last so long as higher quality tiles.
The best terracotta has a high quality glaze finish in terracotta colour, brown mix, plain brown and even grey or black, and lasts a very long time.

The main attack to terracotta comes from salt laden sea air. This will shorten its life and will lead to spalling, a process where the back of the tile becomes brittle and flakes away.

The top surface of terracotta can also suffer from erosion that will weaken the tile severely and ultimately it will be impossible for anyone to walk on the roof and the tiles will have to be replaced

The Facts about Concrete tiles

Concrete tiles are manufactured by pressing the cement/sand mixture at very high pressure through an extruder to get the shape and then cured. It is a chemical cure process and the new tiles get stronger with age, during this time the tiles dry out as well

The Myth Exposed

The amount of water that can be contained in your tiles is very low. Concrete tiles are very dense and only absorb a small amount of water on their surface even during a major storm. This moisture soon evaporates in the sun. Even very old tiles only absorb a small amount of water.

The Weather

It is true that your roofing tiles experience a huge amount of weathering and that after some time - maybe as soon as 10 years the surface oxide colouring will wear off but that does not mean that your tiles absorb water just because they don't look like new anymore.


So concrete tiles are not so permeable that they leak and do not add excessive weight to your roof even when wet after its been raining!

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